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Episode #362 – Really, I’m a Real Person.

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“Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, and no trust.” Zig Zigler

If we study Zig Zigler we’ll find something super interesting.  When we find a customer that is in need and wants a change now AND has the money to pay for your service they will not purchase if they do not trust you will honor your end of the transaction.

Think about that.

A customer that is ready willing and able will turn down your service if they do not trust you.  This is an ultra important fact to consider, especially, and I mean ESPECIALLY when you conduct business online!

But guess what, whether we’re an online business or not… we’re all online!  YES, even if your core business is a “real world” business people will research you online to find out all about you!

Now, there’s something dynamic that happens in person… people rely on perception to “pick up vibes” about you.  This even happens on the phone.  When you are communicating with someone you pick up non-verbal cues.  Sometimes you cannot even put your finger on it, but you just get feeling you do not trust the transaction.  Think used cars.  You’ve done it before, simply turned down a buying opportunity because you didn’t have trust.

Therefore… it’s important to build a positive online presence that builds trust.  This is one of the fundamental core building blocks of positioning yourself as a subject matter expert.  It seems silly to neglect the opportunity to boost your online trust… but most people do!  You focus on your business and enhance the “about me” page, but guess what… people want to do business with people!

Sharing and framing your personal message, whether it’s about your awards, education, experience, or even family and hobbies… it all adds up to form a “real” you. You need to become real to build the trust of your customers.  This is what a Subject Matter Expert is all about!

Can you imagine putting a great deal of money into pay per click advertising to attract a customer, then spending money on a website to list the highlights and functionality of your products/services, and even spending time to have staff or a store to further sell these things only to have someone reject your business because they don’t know who you are! Guess What… it’s already happening!

Start talking about you!  Don’t lost a sale over a lack of trust simply because you failed to mention just how real you are!

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Action Steps
1- Today… not tomorrow… but today — write a quick paragraph about you!  Get it on your about me page… add a photo!  Do something to make yourself real and trustworthy!
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