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Episode #338 – Be a Super Hero

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“Knowledge is power, and shared knowledge is a superpower.”

What’s your superpower? You have one!

One of the most exciting things you can do is share your skill with another person.  Think about someone in your past that shared their knowledge with you.  This may have been a teacher, coach, or parent… someone in your past taught you what you know today.

Imagine how they shortened your learning curve.  You benefited from their mistakes by their skill in teaching you to avoid the pitfalls.

This is exactly what you can do for your followers.  It’s important to share your insight and skill.  The way you do this is by starting your own blog/podcast.  When you do this… sure, you have the ability to position yourself as an expert, but if you need a better reason to put the effort into this consistent activity, you will be lessening the learning curve of another person!

It’s funny. But there’s that feeling of relief that you receive with you use the internet to search for an answer and find it… now you’ll be giving help to someone else.

Positioning yourself as a subject matter expert does a lot for elevating your credibility in your industry.  You gain search results and become a “go to”, but even more important, you are providing help for other people.

Get out there and start sharing our knowledge. Share your superpower!


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