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Episode #308 – Learn… Teach… Repeat.

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“They key to knowledge is to share it! Learn Teach Repeat!”

Happy Monday!  Hope your weekend was productive.  I’m guessing you’ve had time to catch up… haha, you’re probably a little behind after the Super Bowl last night.

Are you a Super Bowl expert?  I’ll admit, I did not watch the game.  This probably makes me a horrible Minnesotan.  Yep.  The game is played in Minneapolis and I didn’t turn on the show… honestly, it’s just not my thing.

Now this is kinda funny since I’ve participated in a Super Bowl.  Back in 1992, the first time Minneapolis hosted a Super Bowl, I performed in the Pre-Game show.  I’m a former national champion at baton twirling.  It is such a great memory.  A group of my twirling friends had the honor of performing.  Normally we all competed against each other, so the rare opportunity to be on a field together to showcase our sport, is a memory I cherish.  You know what else… I’ve even been on the Super Bowl field!   I had someone tell me, “That’s so cool!”

It’s a neat feeling to be in the stadium and feel the energy.  I remember the colors being vivid… like everything just a fresh coat of paint!  The volunteers were putting seat cushions at every chair and unknown “famous” people were sitting in the first few rows.

It was crazy how much security there was to get in the stadium through the back gates, and that was 1992!  We took 12 busses from our staging area.  The staging area was 30 minutes away!  It was quite the coordination experience.  We had an entire week of practices just to get our show right!  I loved being a part of it. I even have a photo… somewhere… with the helmets from the Patriots and Bills.

If you or your children have an opportunity to participate in a big show like this… do it!  It’s a once in a lifetime experience that you’ll continue to talk about 25+ years later!

What does my Super Bowl Performance have to do with our Monday topic of Subject Matter Expert?  Look what I did… I took a simple topic of the Super Bowl and made myself an expert at performing during the pre-game show!  You see… everything that you learn you can and should teach.  It’s not that I’m a high level expert at the coordination of major event pre-game shows, but my experience will be found on the web.  This story will help the reader find information and help them with their search for even more information!

So it’s not that I have to be the “best of the best”, but holding back this information denies someone that needs it from finding it.  You need to share your knowledge via a blog/podcast/vlog and get out there by showcasing and teaching your experiences!  Start now.  Use your business as the platform of your experience, and start your once a week story sharing time!  Once you get past the nerves, it’s a lot of fun.  Much like performing in front of an entire stadium, once you get past the nerves, it’s a lot of fun!  Well, until you almost get run over by a marching band… but that’s a story for a different day!

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