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Episode #278 – Time to Pick a Niche.

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“Your Niche Needs a Subject Matter Expert”

Happy New Year!  With the New Year, I’m getting crystal clear… that’s why today’s inspiration is so short.  It’s quick and to the point.

Why should you position yourself as a Subject Matter Expert?

Because your niche needs one!

There are other reasons that will come along with the need which include credibility and traffic.  As you position yourself as the expert you will gain credibility.  This credibility brings traffic.

I also recommend that you create this Subject Matter Expert status outside of your business.  The reason is, your business website will build it’s own credibility by listing it’s services, including testimonials, and real photos.  The problem with most small businesses in their “about us” section they’ll talk about the business but forget themselves!

People do business with people.

Therefore, you’ve got to talk about yourself.  You need to use the resources you have online.  When you take the time build your Linked-In profile or and the page on your website, or you take the time to develop a blog, you will elevate your trustworthiness.

Now… here’s why today’s inspiration is important.  The internet is very crowded.  There’s still room for growth, but you need to be focused.  If you sell evening gowns, pick a specialty.  You can still sell all formal gowns – but there is a difference in prom dresses, wedding gowns, and cruise wear.  Decide what it is you want to be a Subject Matter Expert in and go for it with laser precision.

And if you need one more reason to be a Subject Matter Expert it is… to prevent someone else from being it!

Happy 2018!

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Action Steps
1- Pick 4 areas that could be a niche for your business, then pick one!  Start… go for it!
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