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Episode #254 – Careful What You Post Online…Your Social Proof is Tied to Your Attitude!

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Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character. – Albert Einstein

Think twice before you write a negative review.  So much of character on the web involves your footprint online.

Here’s the ironic thing… people tend to think that their “offline” world doesn’t matter to their online world. OR they think what they do on “their own time” doesn’t affect their “work time”.  Well… we’re finding out, in a very public manner, that there is no longer a distinction between “on stage” and “off stage”

Look no further than the public scandals taking place.

We have a wide variety of people that we’re finding out waaaaaayyy too much about their “personal” lives.  This is affecting their character.

The reason for this is because your character and attitude are directly connected.

If you choose to run any form of business, expect to be researched by your potential customers.  Just like if you apply for a job, a potential employer will research your online life.  This is just the way it is.

If you act like a jerk… someone will write about it, somewhere.  If you think your platforms are “private” guess again… screen shots and reposting by text will occur!  You may not “care” and you may actually utter the words, “I don’t care” and you post what every you want on your Facebook page or you write a nasty review about something… well, think twice!

Your character is wrapped up in your attitude.  When you say you “don’t care” this is a representation of your character!  If you want to “not care” go ahead… as long as you accept the results.

But here’s an easier way to increase your credibility online, just start caring. Boost your profile on Linked-In.   Add to your Facebook profile.  Create a Blog.  Enhance that About Me section of your web.  And by all means. Speak about people with grace.  If you have a few “bad” things out there… time will mend it and just start fresh now.  But you need to simply adopt the mind set that your attitude affects your character.

This really is the a fast way to build your social proof.  (and remember, social proof is one of those words like reputation… they type depends on the word bad or good being placed before it)


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Action Steps
1- What you say matters.  From this point forward accept the words that your character is directly related to your attitude.  With this strength, today… enhance your online profile by speaking good things about yourself!  Boost your profiles, today.
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