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Social Marketing - Use Live Streaming as a Part of Your Marketing Mix

Another great way to connect... Live streaming!

Social marketing is all about the connection you make. Live streaming allows you to instantly make a connection, engage an audience, fulfill the need to belong, and learn something new. People love being a part of a tribe! When you live stream you become leader of a tribe.

The great ways to use this technology include, an event... I like the tip of walking around to give different perspectives.

I really like the demonstrate a product. This is simply a mini-event. In our business we have a boat club... How about a live stream to give new members an opportunity to learn about the boats over their lunch break! Kinda almost as good as being in the waters?!?!

Behind the scenes tours and even hosting Q and A's. Whether you're prospecting or nurturing clients, live streaming has a place in your business.

Read the article for even more ideas... I'd never even thought of some of the applications, so I'm pretty excited to try them out.

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